[RELEASE + TUT] Valkyrie Injector 0PEn .dll

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[RELEASE + TUT] Valkyrie Injector 0PEn .dll

Post  •ÐRąɕ0n™ on Tue May 04, 2010 4:45 pm

mediafire.com ?mmuntdtz5jr
i dont have Bypass.dll Link/download. Google is your best friend.
TUT how to bypass hackshield.

0PEn Valkyrie.
Process MapleStory.exe ( remember big M and big S and .exe
<<< Right side <<< in valkyrie. Add Bypass.dll( find Bypass.dll where you did save it to)
Then press inject then open maplestory (DONT PRESS PLAY) then Bypass.dll injected.
close injector and press play Smile
open your bot/trainer and have fun Razz

remember use at your 0wn Risk! its not my fault if youre getting banned.
when you have injected once it stays injected till you reboot your computer

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